Our Coffee

Only the Best Coffee Beans Can be Rated Premium

Not all beans make the grade for excellent coffee, so we select only the best to create our unique premium blends, exclusive to Coffee King. To ensure our coffee has awesome flavour and a fresh roast aroma, we blend in small batches, using the finest green arabica and robusta beans from trusted suppliers.

Coffee King Premium Beans Flavour Profiles

By using the finest beans, expertly sourced and blended by our ‘Coffee Quality Institute’ certified Q Graders, we can guarantee the finest premium coffee blends to all of our customers.

Like sommeliers of wine, Q graders are similar in the coffee world. It ensures experts across the globe can objectively examine coffee and score them on their many attributes and therefore overall quality. The system quantifies taste attributes such as acidity, body, flavour, aftertaste, uniformity, balance and sweetness to ensure all participants are identifying flavour characteristics in the same way.

Once qualified, the Q grader can score coffee out of 100 as per the SCA cupping protocols.

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