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Blendtec Rapid Rinse Station (on-counter installation)

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€960,95 Inc Vat

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Station + Rapid rinser
Station only

Small, fast and efficient. The Rapid Rinser Station is essentially a miniature sink that is perfectly designed for the Rapid Rinser and also provides some storage/drying space for your clean jars.  The Rapid Rinse Station reclaims valuable counter space with its minimal form factor. Now employees can blend and rapidly rinse without taking a single step to their nearest sink. The Rapid Rinse Station is designed to be placed in the most effective location in your store, regardless of where your sink is located.


  • Clean jars within 7 seconds.
  • 1.8m (6-foot) supply hose with quick disconnect
  • Tool-free disassembly of the body for easy cleaning, simply unscrew the nozzle with fingers
  • Easy operation simply push down to trigger valve and begin cleaning
  • Optimised for cleaning Blendtec jars but also works on cups and bottles
  • Effective for rinsing any container of 20 cm (8″) diameter or smaller
  • Stainless steel nozzle for long-lasting, trouble free operation
  • Simple magnetic switch – no electronics to fail
  • 120° spray nozzle coverage
  • Suction cup mounting feet make it stable in wet environments
  • 15x 15x 11cm (6″ x 6″ x 4.25″) with 1.8m (6-foot) water supply hose with 3/8″ compression fitting
  • Requires to be sat in a sink/drainage area of a sink to catch the waste water that runs off the sides of the unit.
  • Package contains: 1x Rapid Rinser, 1x Water supply hose, 1x Water supply hose adapter, 1x Adapter for glasses/cups.
  • Simple to disassemble and clean
  • Room for 3 jars to dry off
  • Place it next to your blender for optimum efficiency. No more trips to the sink required.
  • No sink required.  Waste water runs off the sides of the rapid rinser and into the station which feeds it into the waste water hose that you can connect to your waste water pipes, a sink or canister.

  • Station + Rapid Rinser: 1x Rapid Rinser, 1x Water supply hose, 1x Water supply hose adapter, 1x Station, 1x Waste water hose, 1x Adapter for glasses/cups (free bonus).

Height: 15,9 cm
Width: 22,8 cm
Length: 52cm + minimum 7cm clearance if drainage hose used.

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Blendtec Rapid Rinse Station (on-counter installation)

Blendtec Rapid Rinse Station (on-counter installation)

€960,95 Inc Vat
Station + Rapid rinser
Station only