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Franke A800 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - 250 Cups Per Day

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Designed to rapidly handle large orders, the triple boiler system and intuitive operating concept of the Franke A800 coffee machine give you uncompromising quality, variety and performance. The integrated FoamMaster™ technology, chocolate dispenser, added grinders and optional flavor station allow your customers to truly enjoy their coffee beverage, perfectly tailored to their preferences.

With a capacity of 250 cups per day, the A800 is your key to a virtually unlimited range of delicious specialty coffee and milk beverages.

Tailor your machine to your specific needs with our built-in options or expand your coffee machine configurations with our add-on solutions.

Effortless to use

With a 10.4-inch color touchscreen and customizable beverage menu, both your staff and your customers can create a memorable coffee moment with ease.

Limitless performance

Brew perfect espresso, foam silky milk and prepare a hot cup of tea all at the same time with the professional three-boiler system.

Barista foam quality

Our revolutionary FoamMaster™ technology offers customers an unlimited choice of foam for perfect milk foam every single time.

Iced coffee delights

Expand your coffee offerings with our delicious iced coffee option. Serve the freshly-brewed chilled coffee on its own or combine it with milk, milk foam or syrups for a refreshing experience.


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Franke A800 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - 250 Cups Per Day

Franke A800 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - 250 Cups Per Day

€0,00 Inc Vat