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Premium Knock Out Drawer - Black

SKU: JAG22583

£117.99 Inc Vat

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Seat your grinder on top of this premium quality knock box without the grinder tray, you can then simply sweep away any loose coffee grounds through the holes and into the drawer.

Ventilation holes mean loose coffee from the grinder on top can be swept away with the added benefit that you will never have mouldy coffee pucks again.

Product features:

• Material: high grade wrapped stainless steel

• Colour: black

• Dimensions: H: 106 x W: 258 x D: 382mm

• Weight: 4kg

• Secure knock bar housing with six fittings each side

• Knock box feet fitted with plastic rivets, not glue

• Silicone compound knock bar for silent operation and long life

• Also available: silver

• Also available: replacement silicone knock bar, replacement stainless steel knock bar with rubber sleeve

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Premium Knock Out Drawer - Black

Premium Knock Out Drawer - Black

£117.99 Inc Vat