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Semper Tea - Chamomile Tea - Relaxing and Healing Blend

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Semper Tea - Chamomile Tea - Relaxing and Healing Blend

An experience of aromatic and soft pleasure awaits with Semper Chamomile Tea. Crafted with chamomile infusion in a biodegradable pyramidal bag, our tea ensures a gentle and soothing drinking experience.

Relaxing and Healing

  • Chamomile has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years, known for its relaxing, healing, and calming properties.
  • Enjoy the appreciated and gentle healing effect of chamomile, coupled with its pleasant aroma, as you indulge in a cup of our chamomile tea.

Organic and Natural

Our organic chamomile infusion is derived from Egyptian chamomile, offering a particularly fine aroma for your enjoyment. With the EU organic logo, you can be assured that our tea comes from controlled organic farming, free from chemical additives, and delivering the natural, authentic taste of real chamomile.

Caffeine-Free and Child-Friendly

  • Enjoy a mild and aromatic cup of chamomile tea, perfect for any time of the day, as it contains no caffeine.
  • Great for the little ones, our chamomile tea with ecological quality provides a soothing and calming drink for all ages.

Contents and Certification

Each box contains 18 pyramid tea bags, equivalent to 28.8 grams of pure chamomile infusion. Ingredients: Chamomile* (*ecological).

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Semper Tea - Chamomile Tea - Relaxing and Healing Blend

Semper Tea - Chamomile Tea - Relaxing and Healing Blend